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How It Began

Zoey’s Attic officially launched in November 2006 by creator and owner, ErinDelanty.  The inspiration for the website came shortly after Erin and her husband, Tim, welcomed the birth of their first child, baby Bridget, in August of that year.

After searching unsuccessfully for out-of-the-ordinary newborn baby tees on-line and listening to friends who were having difficulty finding unique big brother / big sister gear, Erin decided use her background as a graphic designer and web developer to design her own line of products. 

Her initial goal was to create a web-based shop where new parents and parents-to-be could involve all members of the family in exciting “baby news” by offering a variety of pregnancy or baby announcements and hard-to-find big brother/sister tees.

Zoey’s Attic sold its first shirt just two days after launching the website and development has expanded based on the initial and continuing positive response.

Inspiration is easy for Erin. She says, “Family and friends inspire me the most – by watching my own baby grow and observing my parents become grandparents, I constantly see new ways of looking at the world”.  Erin believes that Zoey’s Attic offers cool, unique products that reflect a fun, unique time of life for multiple generations.

Who is Zoey and where is her attic?

Erin often gets asked about the origin of the name of her business.  Looking for a name that had meaning to her status as a new mother, she settled on her baby’s favorite toy – a stuffed zebra.  “Zoey” the zebra was given to Bridget when she was born by Erin’s mother. It was the perfect name to connect three generations. 
…and everyone knows that there are wonderful, unexpected treasures to be found in an attic.

What’s in the works?

2008 will be an exciting time at Zoey’s Attic. In addition to expanding our selection of family t-shirts and gifts, we plan to introduce new collections which include:

We also launched our “Zoey’s Holiday Hideout” in November of 2007. This section initially launched with a collection of holiday pregnancy announcements and cute holiday themed shirts for the whole family, but will be continually expanded for each holiday to bring you the largest internet collection of holiday pregnancy announcements and family gear.  Inspiration for new ideas and the growth of Zoey’s Attic is limited only by the number of hours in a day!

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